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In a 'Nutshell'.


If your energy usage is 500kW and your Power Factor is 0.8, you will use 625kVA.  If your company is charged £1.42 per kVA per month by your Electricity Supplier your company will pay an additional £2,130 per year because your Power Factor is below 0.99.  The cause of this, if you have Power Factor Correction could be lack of maintenance which costs a fraction of the additonal kVA costs. Not counting the Reactive Power Charges for being below 0.95.


Power Factor basically is the measurement of how effectively your business uses the electricity supplied to your site. A Power Factor of 1 (or unity) is excellent.  If your usage in kilowatts is 250kW, if your Power Factor is 0.8 then 250kW would require 312kVA. A power factor between 0.95 and 1 ensures your business is using its energy effectively. A power factor of below 0.95 may mean a higher than necessary kVA demand. Your business may be using energy inefficiently, resulting in unnecessary expense charged to your electricity account and reactive power charges, these came into widespread force by Electricity supply companies in April 2010.

We can tailor a power factor correction solution to the specific needs of your business.

The benefits could include:

  • Better energy efficiency
  • Improve Power Quality
  • Stabilised Power
  • Lower costs
  • Optimising the life of your electrical assets
  • Reduced downtime
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Power Factor Correction services include:

  • Free System Health Checks, visual non intrusive, with no obligation.
  • Professional Team of Engineers, whom not only look the part (full Company Uniform, Correct PPE), who actually take pride in their work and enjoy what they do.
  • Full PFC System Services.
  • Repairs and Maintenance.
  • Technical Advice.
  • Provide Quality Engineering Services.
  • Analysing meter data, your site conditions and the costs and benefits of solutions for both high and low voltage systems.
  • Scoping, designing, supplying and installing systems.
  • Unlike our competitors we don't rely on a 5 minute snapshot of your energy usages, we take time to Analyse and look at the historical trends.

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Power Factor Correction systems save you save energy, money and our environment

In simple terms, power factor is a measurement of how effectively your business uses the electrical power supplied to the site.

A power factor of 1 (or unity) is excellent. A power factor of anywhere between 0.9 and 1 ensures your business is using its energy effectively. However a power factor of below 0.95 may mean a higher than necessary kVA demand. Your business may be using energy ineffectively, resulting in unnecessary expense charged on your electricity bills.

A power factor correction solution, tailored to your specific business needs, can be an effective way to improve your business’ power factor and reduce distributor demand (measured in kVA and your KW/h) ensuring you get the most from your energy.

What are the implications of a low Power Factor?

Various distribution networks in the UK, charge extra (reactive power charge) for sites with a poor power factor.

Low power factor could also lead to stressing of the internal electricity infrastructure. This may cause unnecessary overheating and equipment degeneration.

Added cost for new installations because of the need to oversize cables, switchboards and other electrical equipment.

Poor power factor can also lead to lower than “normal” voltages within a plant and consequently present unreliable equipment performance.

What benefits can be realised by addressing poor power factor?

Allows your business to lower its ongoing energy kVA demand charges, saving you money.

Allows your business to optimise the life of its electrical assets and delay or avoid unnecessary electrical system upgrade and replacement costs.

Reduces the threat of operational downtime caused by the overloading of your electrical assets within your facility.

Benefits the environment by conserving resources thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Power Factor Correction Services

Power factor can be improved through the installation of automatically controlled capacitor banks or ensuring your exisiting capacitor bank is efficient. Capacitor Banks are designed and sized to suit particular site conditions and load.

Our specialist engineers can analyse your power supply at source, check your meter data, review site conditions, design and offer a turn-key power factor correction solution that is sensitive to your site’s individuality and operations.

For more information about Power Factor Correction or if you’d like to discuss your energy needs, please call us ANYTIME on 0845 4678299.